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Today I took my time to tidy my social profiles.

All the descriptions on Newgrounds were properly formatted and all the games pages on itch.io and GameJolt were made good-looking (even by adding screenshots).

Old games compilation

First of all, I want to openly express how I'm pleased with the feedback received on My First Game.

As always, a special merit goes to Newgrounds which gives a lot of visibility to the artists.

It's nice when you have an idea and you can make it materially appreciable.

However, how many creators know, not all the projects meet their light; I want to share with you a bunch of my abandoned stuff.

Thanks for watching!

Phaser 3: Sand Simulation

You know the Powder Game?

In these 2 days I got on Phaser to make something similar. I've already made a particle simulation game with C++, but

it's easy to NOT encounter optimization problems on Windows.

The function SetPixel(x, y) works well on compiled programs, but on browser interpretation lags as heck!

So I accepted the challange and I made this Sand Simulation prototype game.

> Left mouse to spawn particles.
> Right mouse to delete particles.


If you have problems with mouse coordinates, restart the page with the browser window maximized and / or press the "T" key.

For the programmers, here's the Sand Simulation GitHub repository.

HaxeFlixel and closing thoughts

I would have liked to participate in the Ludum Dare 46, but I embraced the idea of ​​taking a look at HaxeFlixel.

Both because of the chance to expand my knowledge and because the #AloneTogether theme is so delicious.

The Haxe syntax is quite similar to the other languages; I'm not encountering too much difficulties.

I even noticed some similitudes with HaxeFlixel and Phaser:

The way Phaser.Scenes and FlxStates are managed and some naming choices for members and methods

(like sprite.immovable or makeGraphics).

I hope to arrive in time for the jam, alternatively I will put it post-competition.

Thanks for reading!


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